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OTG Talk


We’re proud to announce that we now offer a new cable interface for a select range of our products. That is the OTG MicroUSB interface.

This provides an ideal solution in the point of sale sector, particularly for smaller businesses who may want a convenient ePOS system with great functionality at an affordable cost.(Well) Our Pocket, Handheld and Gun Type scanners can now partner with Android Tablet to become a multifunctional and reliable POS terminal.

Simply plug the device in your tablet and you’re good to go.Our scanners offer far superior efficiency and precision compared to barcode reading software applications commonly found on such tablets. A handheld scanner is also easy to maneouver to a comfortable position to scan items of clothing, groceries or even find the barcodes on the other side of a box.

Another way to utilise such a scanner is by the name sake of the interface, on the GO Our scanners can directly plug into a mobile device to give a reliable logistical tool for data collection. This is a unique method of unifying the mobile device with barcode readers. It’s a convenient, affordable means to have freedom to carry out logistics where the business takes you. Be it in a warehouse or field of services. Smart phones have become essential to our daily use, so what better device you facilitate data collection at the press of the trigger.

As a fully compatible Android accessory. This device is already ideal with ePOS application software. Our team of highly skilled engineers and developers will also co-operate to produce perfect tailor made solution to suit your specific needs.

The OnToGo Scanner Range is currently supported with the Q-Code 51 Handheld Scanner, the Q-Code 61 Gun Type Scanner and of course the Q-Code 75 Pocket Scanner.

For more information go to and we’re just a phone call away on the number shown below.

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