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About us

Company Overview

Company overview

Under the brand of Advancode, Posmart Corportation is an emergent enterprise in the industry of developing and providing barcode solutions, improving productivity to our clients satisfaction. We have quickly established a reputation for developing our reliable, high performance and intuitive range of Q-Code products. Our range is suited to offer effective and efficient solutions to a diverse set of applications including Point of Sale (POS), Logistics, Ticketing Management, Shipping, Manufacturing and Healthcare to name a few.

Founded in 1996, our headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan. From here, the latest technology in barcode reading can be efficiently distributed to our global partners spanning several continents.

Our team of experienced designers and engineers are ready to work together with clients to customise or modify products to meet their particular set of needs. Advancode strives to fulfil OEM requests to result in a high performance, cost effective solution. 

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