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Statement on Computex 2015, Taipei

Posmart Corporation with its comprehensive range of barcode scanners tailored to customer satisfaction.

Posmart has developed a wide range of barcode scanners to showcase as Computex, first beginning with the contact scanner. These have been marketed to both domestic and international enterprises in AutoID. 

In the previous year, Posmart showcased the Q-Code 51 and Q-Code 61 Scanners available in Laser and CCD versions. This year saw the introduction of the Q-Code 62 with Bluetooth functionality in Laser, CCD and also 2D Imager versions. The built-in battery facilitates the device to be switched on and off at any time or enter sleep mode after a configurable period of time. The scanner supports quick, easy device pairing.

Our feature product, the Q-Code 63 ESD Protection Scanner is built from the ground up with environmental electrostatic discharge prevention as the core principle. This purpose has been imposed in the design of the housing and cable as well as the internal reader circuitry to fortify the product from repetitive, high peak ESD current without affecting the superb performance of the available range of scan modules. 

Posmart attracted much interest from overseas clients in this iteration of Computex, with significant demand for our range of Bluetooth scanners due to the broad range of environments it can be deployed in. The Pocket Scanner, which can pair with both mobile devices and tablets, proves to be a more compact and portable companion than the PDA. This can save considerable funding in logistics involving warehouse management and inventory checking. 


The spatially efficient Q-Code 71 Fixed Scanner Series was one of the initial products introduced from the Advancode range. The compact scanner exhibits great versatility with its ability to attach to many available stands in whichever orientation suits the environment. This makes the reader easy to setup and suit the ambience of the environment.

Through the Q-Code 72 Memory Scanner Series, Posmart looks provide mobility to take the scanner wherever the users' needs takes them. Barcode data is conveniently stored on the device when wireless, only to be uploaded to the host device via cable at a suitable time. The Q-Code 75 comes with full Bluetooth functionality enabled simple pairing with mobile phone or tablet to add more efficient data upload as well as built-in memory storage for long distance logistics. The scanner is also available in a version compatible to read RFID for enhanced versatility and convenience. 






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